Tenant Improvement and Construction Renovations

Though most tenant improvement projects have a similar starting point and end goal, there are many in between factors that make this a project-based service. Through the years of experience acting as a General Contractor and Construction Management team we have acquired the “tricks of the trade” to successfully turn over a tenant space. We define our success of a T.I. build out by measuring these basic essentials: safety, code compliance, schedule, budget, and finish. The industry is flooded with never ending promises of similar contractors offering the same service. And most often we find it difficult to see these standards as a differentiating factor because these are just the basics: 

  • Safety – To be proactive is the key to prevention. Our leaders are OSHA certified and continue to enforce a safety-first jobsite rule.
  • Code Compliance – Having a thorough understanding of local building, fire, zoning and health department codes is key to stay on track.
  • Schedule – Providing a schedule with critical path items and routine look ahead meetings is the only method of efficient project management.
  • Budget – The flexibility in identifying both high end and value engineered finishes to meet a budget is an important asset. Project managers can only stay on budget by strategically sequencing the work and actively managing and placing long lead orders.

So if everyone else is selling our basic principles as their value add, what makes us different? MODAA was created not because we wanted any ordinary construction project to make end meet but to fulfill a drive, a philosophy and compassion for people building spaces to do what they love and to sell what they believe in the same way we believe in MODAA. Our biggest value is transparency, respect for all team players, no cutting corners, and most of all accountability. How do we reach this? 

  • Vendors: Our vendor selection is based on credibility and capabilities. We are very particular with our vendor approval process, however we pay them in a timely manner, treat everyone with respect, and have clean and ethical job sites at all times.
  • Partners: Architects, engineers, expeditors, landlords, and owner provided vendors must all have a universal goal in order for the project to be successful. Communication and accountability are the most important factors in building the best teams that result in the best build outs.
  • Clients: Our dedication to our client is that there is no such thing as subpar.

With construction, change is a constant. However, how the change is managed is what makes the best standout. Flexibility has been an integral part of our success. If we missed a door from the door schedule, we paid for it. If there was a discrepancy in the plans, we brought it to the architect’s attention, if there was a reasonable cost or schedule impact; we reviewed it at as a team and reached a resolution. That is what makes Modaa Construction different. 

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Here is how we can help with your next Tenant Improvement Build out:

  • General Contractor: We are a full service general contractor with in house Project Managers, Superintendents, Safety Managers, Construction Directors and fully vetted vendors. We are set to take on large scaled projects from vanilla shell to a furnished space and smaller projects such as painting or other small specialty trade remodels.
  • Construction Management: Our expertise in vendor selection gives us the advantage to identify and qualify local General Contractors to manage national T.I. projects.
  • Pre-construction: We have been hired by many architects and engineers to consult on projects during design and planning stages and assisted with building and budgeting input.
  • Project Valuation/Value Engineering: Having experience across the board of high end products, we are very resourceful when it comes to identifying a one-to-one product alternate. We have value engineered a product by simply replacing a manufacturer or working with the architect to redesign MEP in an effort to meet budget restraints.
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