Restaurant Construction

Whether you’re rolling out a national restaurant refresh or looking to bring an architectural concept to life, we can help with preconstruction and the build out of your project. We are mostly hired by architects to collaborate on early design and space layout in order to efficiently plan out areas of opportunity with regards to construction budget and timeline.

Though restaurant construction falls under commercial tenant improvement, the management of a restaurant build is a lot more complex than to simply focus on the standard MEP’s and finishes. Restaurant construction involves another level of management such as dealing with the health department, equipment vendors and ensuring that the trades used for the build out are strategically coordinated to take all things into account. In a retail space the mechanical management can be as simple as viewing architectural plans along with mechanical m-sheets, whereas for a restaurant it is a lot more involved and can mean adding another layer such as kitchen equipment schedule and health department sheets. What makes us stand out from most commercial contractors is our ability to manage restaurant construction in complex environments and to successfully change the use of any retail space into a full service restaurant.

Key elements of a successful restaurant build:

  • Build a strong team: it is very important for the architect to be able to rely on the builder’s expertise and for the builder to understand and be aligned with the architect’s design philosophy. In addition to the architect and builder relationship, selecting a suitable expeditor, equipment vendor, and project engineer are also factors in ensuring project momentum and clear communication.
  • Identify your end goal: be clear in communicating if you’re on a time restriction or if brand and attention to detail takes priority. While we can simultaneously cater to both time and detail, it is important to be specific with your project needs, for example a project might have to be on a fast track schedule which could mean having a double shift working overtime to meet an
  • Accelerated launch date.
  • Establish a game plan: Be mindful of launch dates during the preconstruction phase of your project. You might be interested in a specific furniture maker or lighting fixture but the lead-time might conflict with your grand opening. We will work with you to identify alternate products that will meet your project timeline. 
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