Retail Construction

Who knew that a physical retail store would have so much impact on brand image? Over the years we’ve learned that retail construction is much more than obtaining permits and building per plan, it is more like building the plan. If you’ve had the opportunity to visit our Tenant Improvement page you’ll find the many areas we take into consideration when building commercial spaces. The retail-specific aspects in addition to what we call our basics is managing landlord exceptions while making the tenant a priority.

MODAA has mastered an efficient system for tenant improvement projects and has become well versed in all aspects of managing a successful build-out. Retail construction’s biggest opportunities for us has been the ability to set up multiple shifts and essentially work around the clock. Often times our end goal in addition to exceptional detail is the ability to meet the landlord’s tenant rollout window, while being mindful of the tenant’s launch needs and the architect’s design details.

As you’ll notice in our project gallery, we thrive on retail spaces with luxury finishes and complex millwork. We have worked with a variety of lighting systems such as Lutron, Ketra, and also value-engineered to less expensive packages while keeping the integrity of the design. When working with specialty trades, we gather three bids within each trade in order to provide the most competitive estimates. Our in house Estimators, Project Managers, Superintendents, and Directors don’t skip a beat when it comes to estimating, value engineering, onboarding, scheduling, building, and handing off a retail space. We become customers of our retail customers because the brand grows on us as we own every detail of the build out.

We appreciate the intricacies involved in tenant improvement, therefore all aspects of the build becomes our responsibility upon hire. Our extensive experience in commercial construction along with dedication to work ethic, job site safety, occupants and third party shoppers, provides both the tenant and landlord a piece of mind and assurance that the job will be done to meet all building codes, and client expectations. Our reputation is established on quality, value, and delivery. We believe in properly analyzing the scope of work early on in order to avoid change orders or misunderstandings down the road. 

Here’s how we can help:

  • Preconstruction: Due to extensive research and experience in the retail construction sector we can be a key asset in identifying target areas as well as suggesting retail storefront size such as a walk in space vs. kiosk. We also team up with tenants and architects to maximize their initial construction budget and timelines.
  • Retail Construction General Contractor: We start by bidding the project and once awarded, we move onto obtaining the Ready To Issue (RTI) permits from the city. During our initial kick off we establish a schedule and weekly site meetings. The project is then on boarded to our project management software and the build begins.
  • Construction Management: Our ability to vet out specialty trade subs is often applied when hiring national General Contractors to build in out of state areas. We have done this successfully for brands that start in California but grow to the other parts of the nation.
  • Value Engineering: Part of our value-add as a general contractor is the ability to identify spec alternates without impacting the design integrity. This is one of the areas we get praised on by a few of the renowned architects we’ve built for
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