Commercial Construction Services

Commercial construction demands intricate planning at every step of the process. Our team handles every detail from beginning to end, so you can focus on designing a business plan to maximize your new space. Our comprehensive process includes: 

  • Preconstruction: we partner with architects to ensure that the material spec’d fits your project timeline and budget.
  • General Construction: we partner with you and the architect to ensure that we build your space nothing short of your vision and the architect’s renderings.
  • Construction Management: we partner as your representative and ensure that there is accountability in what is being presented to you and executed throughout the buildout process.

What does all this mean? We love to build and we value transparency. We founded our business in 2008 during a recession. We have grown year over year thanks to our dedication to detail, transparency and standing behind our promise. We invite you to ask our clients who have become friends over the years.

Our area of expertise:

  • Document Review: We value credentials but our job is to verify everything that is presented to us. It’s one thing to be approved and licensed by your state but more
    importantly what are your capabilities?
  • Bid Analysis: Every vendor starts with what they think is the right value for a line item. It is our job to assess and validate that the vendor’s proposal is accurate.
  • Schedule: Scheduling a project isn’t as easy as identifying the set number of days or workers it takes to complete it. Weekly look aheads and hitting milestones is what makes a project successful.
  • Quality Assurance: There is such a thing as perfection or close to it when it comes to the attention to detail involved in a project build out.
  • Building Cost Control: This falls more within the construction management realm. We hold the General Contractor accountable. Having years of experience in the field, we know how to qualify a transparent builder who has your best interest in mind.
  • Payment Application Review: We review the amount of work performed and material order in order for us to approve funds that should be released based on what the contractor is requesting.

Areas of Construction We Focus On:

  • Core & Shell Construction: Hired by landlords such as Westfield, to assist in cost analysis and target tenants. Our LEED certification is an added value for developers interested in earning the sustainability mark.
  • Tenant Improvement: Tenants are concerned with timelines and budgets. They trust that the awarded contractor will be capable to meet an agreed upon schedule and hit a predetermined budget, all while delivering a space that meets their expectation.
  • Retail Construction: Restaurant Contractor: An established contractor who knows how to manage cross functional vendors and ensure that there is more to the space than exceptional finish details.
  • Medical Construction: We don’t do OSHPD, however we understand their regulations. Our primary focus is the doctor’s office, or Cedar Sinai’s offsite medical suites.
  • Landlord Improvements: Once we earn our badges with the landlord, we build along lasting relationship. We have been hired by Westfield, Caruso, The Irvine
  • Company and the like to do much more than their tenant build outs.
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