Luxury Home Construction

MODAA is an award winning luxury residential contractor. We have been on the cover of LA Times, in Interior Design magazine and won an AIA best single-family home award. Elaborate millwork, high-end finishes, floor to ceiling glass wine cellars, movie theaters, indoor and outdoor elements and spa-like master bathrooms — these are just a few of the ways we have built some of our favorite homes. Together with our elite partners, we bring luxury to life.

We oversee everything from preconstruction architect and engineer collaboration, budget 
analysis, scheduling, submittals for architect approval and final completion. Our role as your builder is to bring your design and usability vision to life. Some of our favorite luxury residential projects.

  • Custom Homes. We exclusively work with elite architects and engineers. The result? A home planned, constructed, and completed to your exact specifications.
  • Residential Remodeling. Sleek and modern, or rustic design with a dash of Mediterranean elegance? Whatever your vision, we have the tools to transform your home into a place of unparalleled luxury.
  • Kitchen remodel. We build high end custom kitchens tailored to your every need. Our experienced team can build you exactly what you want.
  • Room Additions. Room additions often require more planning than new construction due to all the potential unforeseens with expanding your home. Our expertise gives us an advantage in identifying things to be mindful of and communicate everything prior to beginning construction.
  • Bathroom remodel. We do high-end custom walk en-suite bathrooms to complement our luxury room renovations and home remodel work. If you’ve got a dream bathroom you wanted to go with your home remodel we’ve got the solutions for you.
  • Additional Dwelling Units (ADUS). We will work with you to build your ideal additional dwelling unit to spec .

We are certified by the US Green Building Council to build LEED certified homes. When awarded a luxury residential project we take on an “all things considered” approach. Pre-construction consultation helps us establish an Architect, client, and builder partnership in the early stages of the project. Our standard protocol is to bid on preliminary plans and continue the relationship as the plans develop into the finalized construction set.

Here is a short list of our holistic approach to custom home projects:

  • Preliminary Budget: we brainstorm with our Project Managers and Subcontractors to provide a builders input of things to consider.
  •  Building Ordinances: we keep you up to date with local building guidelines and help you maximize your design plans.
  •  Project Collaboration: as your builder, you can expect complete professionalism with
    your team or our expert partners such as Architects and Engineers.

We build by the true definition of a custom home, by combining flexibility, transparency, and resourcefulness to deliver a fine home to your exact design and specifications.

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