About MODAA Construction

Care. Craftsman. Collaboration.

These values are at the heart at everything we do, whether we’re giving your business a facelift or building your luxury home from the ground up.

MODAA is an award-winning, licensed, insured, and certified general contractor serving the Los Angeles commercial and residential market for over a decade. MODAA Construction was founded by Patrick Ahounber in June 2008. Despite planting the company’s seeds in the midst of a recession, MODAA blossomed and continues to grow by putting partnerships over prosperity. In an industry in which change is as constant as the seasons, we have adhered to
beliefs that lead to true excellence: Practicing complete transparency, creating authentic
relationships, and delivering unrivaled craftsmanship and beauty.

Construction—often overlooked and undervalued—is so much more than the process of following a design and bringing rough and finish elements together. Only during the process of building can the quality of a space emerge. We don’t merely take a set of blue prints, throw lasers, and put up walls—there is a fierce sense of pride in the designs we build.

 Have you ever felt so inspired by a space that you didn’t want to leave? That you could breatheeasier? That deep connection, that experience of beauty, can only arise from a faithfully mindful buildout—remaining true to the design, making careful choices, and growing with the space as
its constructed.

We’re not just a construction company – we’re a collective of individuals who believe that a space is always more than just a location or place. It’s the environment in which you live your life or share your product offerings. Our role is to help you make the most of it by providing utmost craftsmanship and noteworthy attention to detail.

Our work has been published in many industry articles and written about by industry leaders.We build for the most renowned architects, designers, and clients. We expect an unmatched level of transparency, knowledge, and commitment from everyone we work with, because that’s how we define brand value.

We have a no nonsense philosophy when it comes to safety, work ethics, having our client’s best interest in mind and delivering a project that we are proud of. We pick our builds more than the client picks us. While construction helps us employ and support a full service in house staff and a rolodex of carefully vetted vendors, we must embrace the space and enjoy the process. We build for the momentum that gives us a reason to celebrate our accomplishments. If we can summarize ourselves with one word, it would be pride. We are proud of managing, planning, assessing, valuing, and obsessing over all the details needed to bring a simple or complex project to life.

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