MODAA Construction

Celebrating Over 20 Years in Construction

Care. Craftsman. Collaboration.

These values are at the heart at everything we do, whether we’re giving your business a facelift or building your luxury home from the ground up.

MODAA is an award-winning, licensed, insured, and certified general contractor serving the Los Angeles commercial and residential construction market for over a decade. MODAA Construction was founded by Patrick Ahounber in June 2008. Despite planting the company’s seeds in the midst of a recession, MODAA blossomed and continues to grow by putting partnerships over prosperity. In an industry in which change is as constant as the seasons, we have adhered to beliefs that lead to true excellence: Practicing complete transparency, creating authentic relationships, and delivering unrivaled craftsmanship and beauty.

Construction—often overlooked and undervalued—is so much more than the process of following a design and bringing rough and finish elements together. Only during the process of building can the quality of a space emerge. We don’t merely take a set of blue prints, throw lasers, and put up walls—there is a fierce sense of pride in the designs we build.

Excellence in Remodeling & Construction

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