Forward Westfield Medical Construction in Century City California

Client: Forward Westfield
Location: Century City, CA
Role: General Contractor
Project: Commercial Construction / Retail Construction / Medical Construction
Details: We managed to complete this project on an accelerated schedule and finished one week early from the original proposed date of completion. Project access wasn’t the easiest, considering no freight elevator around, and since this was during the same time as the overhaul of Westfield, we were in construction simultaneously with the entire mall. The added union contractor requirements didn’t stop us from being the first to open from a list of tenants to follow. Forward is all about the visitor experience. They have mastered every detail that goes into their back of house and front of the house to make it an inviting and efficient visit while offering high-end finishes such as walnut wood paneling, custom furniture, upscale lighting, and a full-height and full-width storefront.

Forward Americana
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