Accessory Dwelling Unit Construction Los Angeles

Homeowners are finding a new way to maximize their home investment. We work with our client’s to identify ADU opportunities such as detached or attached added space and the amount of sqft allowed in a given lot size and location. The in-law unit has gained a lot more flexibility from the local building department with the ability to often have more than one ADU on a given lot. ADUs are also seen as a good source of rental income and an additional way to add value to your property. 

ADU Construction Services and Benefits

  • We identify maximum allowable square footage and work with our client or architect partners to design the ADU to provide the most efficient use of the ADU space while incorporating an inviting design and flow.

  •  We work with the building and safety to meet the required hillside, setback, and parking ordinances.

  • We work with designers and spec out finish material and esentially build the space
    ground up to it’s final detail.

MODAA is very budget and timeline driven. We focus on efficiency and project management in order to efficiently complete a project without compramising attention to detail. If you are interested in further pursuing an ADU, please reach out to our team to set up a complimentary consultation. 

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